Looking to start a new business? Does your existing business have legal issues to address with vendors, employees or customers? Teitle Law Offices, P.C., is proud of its long tradition of representing entrepreneurs and business owners in the Quad Cities region. We have helped numerous individuals to create business entities, and continue to serve as registered agent and outside counsel over time. Justin has been the trusted advisor for a wide variety of businesses from small to large, and his established clients represent varied industries including retail, construction, professional services, real estate development and medical practices, to name a few. Justin has assisted clients in the sale and purchase of businesses, as well as the addition of new investors or partners. Efficiently solving problems for clients requires listening, knowledge, sound legal judgment and practical business experience, all of which Teitle Law Offices, P.C., brings to the table every day. Call us today to get started.


Deciding to form a business can feel like a big move, but we can get you from where you are to where you want to be. Up front, each business has considerations which shape the determination of whether to form a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), partnership or other type of legal entity. Justin will work with you from day one, discussing matters from licensing, permits and regulations to insurance and liability issues. We maintain relationships with local accountants in order to connect our clients to the help they need to address taxes considerations and bookkeeping, and also work as needed with banks and community business leaders to give you every chance of success in your endeavors. Justin will draft your legal documents, such as Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Organization, Bylaws or Operating Agreement, in addition to other necessary items. After forming your entity, we most often continue to serve our clients, providing registered agent services, assisting in required annual or biennial reporting and keeping records of meetings. Justin is here to support your business, and Teitle Law Offices, P.C., would like the opportunity to be part of your future.


Many businesses encounter situations where advice is needed upon entering into a new lease or other contract. This might include the need for employment or non-compete contracts, vendor contracts and the like. Justin has drafted, evaluated and edited many business and commercial leases and agreements, and can help you identify areas of concern and how to protect yourself in these situations. He has also advised both business owners and individuals regarding employment contracts and non-compete agreements. In a business with multiple shareholders or partners involved, we recommend having a comprehensive buy-sell agreement to address future transfers of interests or new investors. Many considerations apply, and Teitle Law Offices, P.C., can give you the detailed analysis needed to get to the right answers.


Even with the best planning, every business faces challenges in dealing with others at some point. When stakes are high you need strong, intelligent advocacy, and someone who is ready to either negotiate a favorable resolution or win the day in court. Justin gets consistent results in business litigation for clients by using thorough research and trial skills in the courtroom. When possible and practical, he also helps keep you out of litigation in the first place, through the use of strategic leverage and creative solutions. The bottom line in business is that when you have a dispute, you want Teitle Law Offices, P.C., on your side.