In today’s legal climate, methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) have become increasingly popular with parties. The use of mediation continues to grow because it allows people to have control of the outcome of their cases, and is often a more cost effective way to resolve differences than litigation, which can extend for many months at substantial expense to the parties involved. Many parties choose to engage a mediator before they even file a case in court, hoping to reach an amicable resolution of their issues. This is particularly true in family law matters such as divorce or custody cases, where many jurisdictions require mediation before parties are allowed to schedule a trial.

In April of 2011 Justin Teitle became certified as a mediator so he could offer his experience to parties interested in the mediation process. He has a reputation in the legal community for professional behavior and respect toward others, even when situations between parties become heated. Additionally, after practicing law for over twenty years, Justin has a broad range of legal experience, allowing him to explore options with parties which they may not have considered in the past. Teitle Law Offices, P.C., accepts cases for mediation involving parties without attorneys, and we also work with parties represented by counsel to schedule sessions with or without attorneys present. If we can make a difference for you in reaching an agreement, please let us know, and we’ll be glad to provide additional information.