Real Estate


At Teitle Law Offices, P.C., we make the process of selling or buying real estate exactly what it should be, offering the personal attention and responsiveness you need for complete peace of mind at closing. Using careful drafting, practical advice and experience in negotiations, Justin helps his clients navigate their transactions to a successful conclusion while protecting important financial interests. His knowledge of the law is a key component of guiding you to success. Whether residential or commercial, closing deals in both Iowa and Illinois, we provide the level of service you deserve.


Who you pick matters. Justin was an innovator in the Quad Cities legal community in what is now a thriving For Sale By Owner (FSBO) real estate market. Before this market was so popular and widely accepted, he began developing a comprehensive service model for FSBO clients, which he has spent the last several years putting into practice. Because of the number of FSBO transactions Justin has closed, he not only knows the steps you need to take, but how to explain them in easy to understand terms. Justin’s experience allows him to advise on what is customary, but also what is best for your specific situation. He has given countless sellers the confidence to go forward on FSBO listings, helping save them thousands of dollars on their bottom lines. Justin also assists buyers in drafting offers to purchase a FSBO property, and everything legally needed to get them into their new homes. Take advantage of service unrivaled in the Quad Cities, and let us close your deal for you.

Examples of some of our services include:

-Providing proper forms and advice on disclosures required by state law.
-Reviewing offers to purchase your home and making changes before you sign
-Preparing a purchase agreement if your buyer doesn’t know how to make a written offer, and helping you with negotiations as needed, especially when your buyer is using a realtor or attorney
-Providing referrals for necessary services, such as termite, whole house or other inspections
-Having the abstract (title history) of your property updated and helping to clear up any issues necessary to ensure marketable title
-Preparing transfer documents and coordinating with banks and other attorneys involved
-Explaining closing figures for the transaction so you understand your bottom line
-Attending closing with you in person, or in your place using a power of attorney if you can’t be present


A good real estate attorney is needed to close, whether or not a realtor is involved. But when the FSBO process isn’t for you, licensed realtors can play a vital role in marketing and selling your property. If you have concerns about your ability to show your own home, aren’t available to do so, or don’t want to be involved directly in negotiations with a buyer, realtors are the trained professionals who can handle those responsibilities.

If you feel like you need extra information about market conditions or pricing for your home not otherwise available elsewhere, a realtor can advise you accordingly. Realtors can provide recommendations on preparing the home for sale, referrals for services, and of course will negotiate on your behalf with prospective buyers. Realtors are authorized to use the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to market your home.

Realtors have a duty of loyalty to their clients, although in certain situations they can serve as dual agent for both sides of the same transaction, whereas attorneys will not do so, due to conflict of interest rules. Teitle Law Offices, P.C. maintains good relationships with local realtors who have shown skill and professionalism in helping our clients, and we are happy to provide you with referrals to these people upon request. We look forward to working with you to get your real estate deal done, so contact us today.